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Partners Launches City Leaders Institute

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Partners announces the launching of the City Leaders Institute on Aging in Place (CLI), a one-year, pilot program focused on making local-level changes to facilitate aging in place.

This program is funded by MetLife Foundation and implemented by Partners for Livable Communities (Partners).

As part of this program, five Civic Teams were invited to participate as part of the 2012-2013 class. Each team has identified a specific goal for the year-long program.

  • Arlington County, Virginia, aims to create a walkable, livable, urban environment that enhances welcoming connections and eliminates barriers between and among places, and enables all people to work, live, play, and visit in Arlington.
  • Miami-Dade and Monroe counties, Florida, aims to identify and develop a platform to educate older people, public officials, and the community-at-large about issues related to elderly pedestrians, drivers, mass transit users, and travelers. 
  • Montgomery County, Maryland, aims to develop and implement a nonprofit and faith-based summit to clarify the needs of affordable, alternative housing options for older adults.
  • Phoenix, Arizona, aims to develop new and enhanced service delivery mechanisms to connect older adults with their peers and with the community, to provide relevant activities and services, and to leverage their talents.
  • San Diego, California, aims to increase community health and wellness among youngsters and older adults in the City of La Mesa and the La Mesa Spring Valley School District by implementing an intergenerational Safe Routes to School program and other strategic plans focused on health and wellbeing in this community.
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Miami Jumpstart Grantees

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Eight organizations and partnerships in Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties were each awarded a "JumpStart the Conversation" grant on February 2, 2009.

The winning projects exemplify the use of innovative ideas focused on creating livable communities for all ages and theme of "transportation and mobility options".  These strategies are aimed at the over 11 percent of residents age 65 and over in the two counties, and will encourage services that strengthen "aging in place" and increases accessibility to transportation and fosters independence among older adults.

The Grantees followed the Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties workshop on November 17, 2008; titled Increasing Transportation and Mobility Options: Creating Livable Miami-Dade & Monroe Counties for All Ages

Greater Miami Region Jumpstart Grants 

  • The North County Citizens Association 
    To discuss a pickup service, with the purpose of allowing older citizens unable to drive or access transportation to conduct necessary tasks such as doctor’s appointments and trips to the grocery store.  The NCCA is a voluntary organization dedicated to improving the community.  Many of its members are senior citizens, and this program would be an avenue for the community to give back to them.
  • Miami Lakes Town Foundation in partnership with The Alliance for Aging, Inc. 
    To hold a series of community meetings to evaluate the transportation needs of older adults in the Miami Lakes area.  The forums will be held once a month over a four month period and will encourage dialogue surrounding the issues of town public transportation, Miami-Dade county Public Transportation, as well as existing and planned trail systems.  The goal is to develop a strategy that will best coordinate accessibility to existing and planned programs, services and facilities to the aging population.
  • The City of Coral Gables in partnership with The Alliance for Aging, Inc.  
    To implement a pilot program of subsidized taxicab fares for people ages 65 and over.  Seniors would be able to purchase coupons at Coral Gables City Hall and the Coral Gables Youth Center.  These facilities are both accessible and well known to residents of the city.  It is the hope that this program will demonstrate an efficient way for seniors to use existing transportation systems while still having the flexibility and independence associated with driving one’s own vehicle
  • The Miami Behavioral Health Center (MBHC) 
    To promote a “Mobility Maps” program to seniors in the Miami-Dade area.  “Mobility Maps” will alert seniors to different transportation options based on their own specific transportation needs.  Each individual mobility map will provide descriptions of possible destinations as well as different methods of getting to each locale.  In addition to providing group sessions to create these maps, which can also serve to create social networks and improve psychosocial functioning, the MBHC will provide training to aging agencies and health service providers to maximize the number of seniors benefitting from this program.
  • The William Lehman Injury Research Center
    To improve a multi-faceted safe crossings program in response to Miami being ranked the third highest county in regards to pedestrian injuries.  The research center plans on using education, promotional and cultural materials to address the issue specifically in regards to the over 65 population.  Current materials will also be translated in Spanish and Creole in order to increase the scope of the project across language barriers.
  • The County of Monroe in partnership with The Alliance for Aging, Inc.  
    To investigate a solution to inefficient transportation (especially for older adults and pedestrians) between Monroe County and the Florida Keys.  Three planning sessions will be held to brainstorm ideas, including ways to make transportation more “green” and cost effective.
  • The Miami Lighthouse for the Blind in partnership with The Alliance for Aging, Inc.  
    To explore and implement a community based independent transportation network (ITN) in Miami-Dade County.  Using a combination of both paid and volunteer drivers, the ITN will be available 24-hours a day to transport seniors to local destinations.  After a series of meetings, a pilot community will be chosen to serve as an example of increase senior mobility that can be implemented citywide.
  • The Alliance for Aging, Inc. 
    To engage local and national experts on issues of senior transportation access in Miami-Dade, and to incorporate these issues into the county’s master transportation plan.  Three meetings will be hosted over a 6-month period and will focus on pedestrian needs and planning, and roadway improvement.  The meetings will serve as a follow-up to the Aging in Place workshop in November, with the goal of engaging traffic engineers and key stakeholders in issues related to aging and the public infrastructure, highlighting best practices in community transportation, and encouraging dialogue that will lead to positive changes.
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St. Louis Jumpstart Grantees

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Eight organizations and partnerships in the St. Louis Region were each awarded a "JumpStart the Conversation" grant in July 2009. Click here to view the jumpstart grants below. 

The winning projects exemplify the use of innovative ideas focused on creating livable communities for all ages and the theme of Universal Design and Accessibility. As part of the Aging in Place Initiative, the St. Louis Metro Region was selected by MetLife Foundation, Partners for Livable Communities and the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging to host one of a series of dynamic national workshops highlighting the opportunity to improve livability for persons of all ages. 

Held on April 28, 2009, Designing Places and Spaces for Now and in the Future: Creating a Livable St. Louis Region for All Ages gathered key innovators and representatives from across the Region to help identify strategies to improve homes that are universally designed and communities that are welcoming for all. Attendees learned how to JumpStart the Conversation on aging and apply for a special grant given to unique partnerships taking action on Aging in Place. The grants are intended to stimulate innovative action at the local level. As a result of the workshops and grant opportunities, communities will have a renewed sense of urgency on approaching community livability for all as well as an energized group of organizations and individuals collaborating to face the challenges that accompany this time of change.

As part of the national movement to promote the “Aging in Place” Initiative, which is aimed at helping older Americans remain in their communities, the St. Louis metropolitan region was selected to host one in a series of national workshops sponsored by MetLife Foundation, Partners for Livable Communities (Partners), and the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging (n4a). The workshop was co-hosted by the St. Louis Area Agency on Aging, Area Agency on Aging of Southwestern Illinois, and Mid-East Area Agency on Aging.

The local discussion complemented the dynamic national conversation taking place on aging and will highlight the creative work already occurring in the region to make it a first-rate place for all age groups. This workshop was a unique opportunity for local leaders to begin looking at the region and to hear how other communities have begun to create livable communities. 

Missouri is consistently ranked as one of the states in the country with the oldest population—it’s expected that 15 percent of all Missouri residents will be aged 65 and older by 2015. The number of persons 60 and older in Illinois is projected to increase by 77% from 2 million in 2006 to 3.6 million in 2030.  One in every five Illinoisans will be 60 years of age and older by 2030.In preparation for this, local leaders are calling for strategies to help strengthen “Aging in Place” services.

Workshop speakers and panelists focused on strategies for buildings that are universally designed and communities that are welcoming for all. Following the discussion, participants are invited to learn about a new Community Assessment Tool devised to measure the readiness of places and spaces. The conversation continued by through the following Jumpstart the Conversation Grants. 

St. Louis Jumpstart Grants

  • Bi-Lingual International Assistant Services in partnership with Delta Medical and JAD Housing LLC
    To retrofit an apartment with grab bars and handrails to serve as a model for an awareness campaign aimed at encouraging landlords to make these same small changes to all their apartment units so they are accessible for those who are aging in place.  
  • Mid-East Area Agency on Aging Foundation with the City of O’Fallon
    To conduct a comprehensive livable community assessment of the City of O’Fallon which will encourage awareness of the resources available, identify new resources that can meet the needs of older adults, and encourage community leadership to act on these issues. Local highs schools, community colleges, and universities will be involved in conducting the assessments and writing the final report thus becoming involved with the community needs and issues and interacting positively with older adults in the process.  
  • Main Street Community Center with Faith in Action Edwardsville
    To create a resource guide for Edwardsville's older adults, their families and their caregivers, and to ensure its widespread distribution.
  • Concern Citizen Group of Illinois with Lutheran Child and Family Services (for Fathers) of Illinois
    To strategize on intergenerational programs that suit community needs for the new Recreation Center currently being built. Strategizing sessions will include community forums and neighborhood meetings.
  • Bond County Senior Citizens Center, Inc.
    To perform a community assessment that will 1) assess currently available assets available to serve the existing and future older adult populations; 2) determine the additional assets needed to meet their needs; 3) develop a plan to address unmet needs; 4) communicate findings and plans to leaders and decision makers; 5) launch a relevant and exciting initial project; and 6) serve in an advisory capacity to assist in the implementation and monitoring of future activity.   
  • University of Missouri Extension Gerontology Program in partnership with South Grand Senior Ministries
    To provide an opportunity for a Gerontology social work practicum student to perform focused interview sessions with neighborhood residents, cost analyses, and execution of a project that will improve safety and accessibility features and help ensure successful aging-in-place for older residents. Principles from the Gerontology course, “Successful Aging in the Built Environment” will be explored and implemented.
  • The Area Agency on Aging of Southwestern Illinois with the American Institute of Architects (St. Louis)
    To plan and execute a design charette for the community of New Baden, IL with the goal of producing a series of feasible strategies to address accessibility concerns identified by the community.
  • The Starkloff Disability Institute
    To produce a white paper on universal design that 1) outlines key challenges of universal housing that must be addressed for it to proliferate; and 2) outlines a national campaign to promote universal housing features to industry leaders and consumers.
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Richmond JumpStart Grantees

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Four organizations and partnerships in the Richmond Region were each awarded a "JumpStart the Conversation" grant in August 2009. The winning projects exemplify the use of innovative ideas focused on creating livable communities for all ages and the theme of engaging community leaders for improving the livability of Richmond for all ages.

The Richmond grants followed the Aging in Place workshop held on 
June 17, 2009; titled Engaging Community Leaders in the Process: Creating a Livable Richmond Area for All Ages. 


Richmond Jumpstart Grants 

  • Richmond Public Schools Educational Foundation, Inc. in partnership with Thomas H. Henderson Middle School and the Education Subcommittee of the Greater Richmond Chamber of Commerce
    To develop mentoring and enrichment relationships between students from Henderson Middle School and senior citizens from the surrounding neighborhood. As part of an expanding relationship between the school and its neighborhood, Henderson also wants to open its doors to the senior community in expanded venues for direct student contact, as well as, making school facilities available to senior citizens for evening events. 
  • ElderHomes Corporation in partnership with Richmond Community Development Alliance
    To plan a one day bus tour of area housing for the purpose of educating community leaders about residential needs and housing issues that affect seniors. The tour will feature stops at various housing alternatives and focus on senior friendly community development.
  • Senior Connections, The Capital Area Agency on Aging in partnership with United Way of Greater Richmond and Petersburg, AARP Virginia, the Richmond Regional Planning District Commission, the Greater Richmond Chamber, A Community Partnership 
    To develop a 2030 Age Wave Plan for the Richmond Metropolitan Region that will focus on the areas of Economic Development, Built Environment and Long-Term Care. The project will involve a year long process to identify ways to enhance livable communities, promote strategies for aging in place advocacy, increase community awareness, agree on ways to increase access to resource and determine action steps/time table for the development of the comprehensive 2030 Plan. The outcome will be a Toolkit for creating livable communities for all ages.
  • Family Lifeline
    To host a series of Aging Education Seminars hosted by Richmond’s ElderFriends program that will help to decrease social isolation of seniors enrolled in program and increase knowledge of and access to community-based resources. Participants will include ElderFriends volunteers, elder citizens, and community partners. Each seminar will focus on a topic relevant to aging—Healthy Aging In Place, the Changing Community Demographic, Livable Communities for All Ages, etc.
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