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Tampa, FL

The Good Life Games of Pinellas County

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Across America state and local governments are figuring out how to deal with aging populations as modern medicine and technology are starting to ensure that people, on average, live longer. According to the 2012 U.S. Census, Florida possesses one of the oldest populations in the United States, as more than 18% of Florida residents are over the age of 65, almost 5 percentage points higher than the national average. To help their aging population remain healthy and lead productive lives, local governments and community organizations are finding creative ways to encourage active lifestyles for older adults. The Good Life Games of Pinellas County Florida has proven to be a very successful way to encourage fitness among older residents of the county, and their model is being replicated throughout the country.

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Spotlight on Success: Spic & Span for Seniors

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Seniors in Service of Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay, Florida

For many of the older adults living in HUD assisted housing in the Tampa Bay region, routine inspections by landlords are mandatory. In short, inspections are implemented mainly to ensure that the older tenant is able to sustain an independent lifestyle, without the need for continued monitoring of their health, well-being, safety and living environment. For many of the older tenants, life in such households can often come at an aberrant cost.

Realizing that this little known problem was an ever-pervasive threat to many of the older residents in Tampa Bay, Florida, the local organization, Seniors in Service of Tampa Bay (SIS), partnered with a host of regional education institutions and businesses to address how to assist older adults avoid eviction because they are unable to maintain their living environments.
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Adult Volunteers at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center

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What can you do to improve your community? There are many directions one can take but often times it requires a bit of foresight and planning. For many older adults, something as enjoyable and simple as volunteering can be a perfect use of time, but for many the willingness to volunteer can be met with physical and economic hurdles. Realizing there is much potential in their community members, the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center of Florida utilized an  Aging in Place Initiative “Jumpstart the Conversation" Grant to engage more older adults in the local arts and culture community.
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Livable Communities for All Ages Brochure

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"Livable Communities for All Ages" is a thoughtful brochurelivcommbroch that reflects years of expertise and findings, as well as resources and case studies, on how all facets of the community can contribute to a more “older adult –friendly” environment. Download here

With the goal of promoting safer and affordable communities, "Livable Communities for All Ages" features a specific guide on which aspects of civic life—whether the local Chamber of Commerce or an individual— can respond to the maturing of America with instructive measures on the benefits of older adult livability adaptations in four areas:
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Partners Releases New “Livable Communities for All Ages” Brochure

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Since 1989, Partners has been at the forefront of creating communities that are hospitable for all people, livcommbrochyoung and old alike. Now, with nearly 22 years passed since Partners laid the initial groundwork for the Aging in Place strategy, the MetLife Foundation has stepped in to help Partners continue the conversation and advance the agenda of livability regardless of age.

On September 22, 2010 Partners released "Livable Communities for All Ages", a thoughtful brochure that reflects years of expertise and findings, as well as resources and case studies, on how all facets of the community can contribute to a more “older adult –friendly” environment.

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